Manufactured in Slovakia. Jantex professional paddles are made of the best composite materials and by strict observance of technology. They are made of 100% carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin. With help of top paddlers and their high demands, the JANTEX paddles have obtained ideal design, high quality and reliability demanded so much.


Manufactured in Germany.  Lettmann has been helping paddlers earn international championships for nearly 50 years.  Founded by Klaus Lettmann, a former world champion whitewater athlete has been a leader in boat and paddle design.  Lettmann paddles have long been a favourite for German Teams.


Kajner paddles are imported from Hungary and made by György Kajner.
The history of the Kajner paddles goes back to the early 90s. Kajner paddles are strong, durable and light weight. Paddles contain 100% carbon fibre and have won medals in international regattas and World Championships, both in sprint racing and marathon.


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