Welcome to ThePaddleHut. My name is Mike Robinson and firstly I am a professional coach.  

ThePaddleHut started in 2004 when I was searching for appropriate sized equipment for my team. Specifically I was looking for small racing kayaks and paddles that actually fit smaller, lighter athletes. After a lot of searching I found ELIO making great boats for this group. Since there was no dealer in North America we started to bring them in.

I continue to coach and search for great equipment for my teams.  When I find good boats, paddles and gear that we can't easily get locally I add it to my store.

We provide equipment for both novice and champion athletes.  I invite you to browse the items on this site.  If you have any question please feel you can send me a note at info@thepaddlehut.ca  If you are not sure on sizing or if the paddle, boat etc is right for your experience, build or style feel free to ask for advice. I will give my best opinion.

If you can not find what you are looking for, I may still have it. Send me a note and I will check what we have in storage or try to find another source for you.

Happy Paddling!!!



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