Canoe - Z Kajner

Canoe - Z Kajner

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Kajner paddles are imported from Hungary and made by György Kajner.

The Canoe - Z  is the result of many years development. It’s unique characteristic is in the changing of the mating of blade to shaft. By positioning the plane of the blade behind the centre line of the shaft, the paddle becomes more stable right from the “catch” throughout the stroke, compared to the more traditional format. As clearly visible from the picture below, the front plane of the blade follows the “rear plane “ of the shaft, thus forming the letter Z. Hence the term Canoe Z.

Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Area (cm2) Weight (g) Suited to:
19 - 20 48 - 50 19 - 20 11-15 years girls/boys
20 - 22 49 - 50 20 - 22 prof./Junior woman/man




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