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ELIO began in 1979 with great passion for canoe & kayak competition. ELIO started the production of competition kayaks with the goal of creating conditions for the athletes to have effective equipment at low prices. 

In 2008 we discovered Elio while in searching for racing boats better suited for paddlers we were teaching, we visited the Elio factory in Portugal and were impressed by the design and good pricing.  Since this time we have seen Elio boats grow in popularity with beginner and World Championship competitions alike.   

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  • Prices provided include all fees for delivery to port normally Halifax or Montreal Canada but ask for specifics when ordering.  Federal and/provincial sales tax additional.  
  • Transportation from the port city may be additional. Contact us to arrange pickup or delivery options.  
  • All prices are subject to change based on international currency conversion rates.

Children's Boats - Made To Fit
  • Are you tired of young paddlers using equipment made for Senior competitors.  
  • MAKE IT EASY for young paddlers to master the perfect stroke before bad habits form. Have your paddlers learn in a boat made for them!!  K1 sizing progresses from the small 'mini' K1 Penguin (shown to the right next to the C1 Titan) to the K1 Titan, K1 Titan Evolution and into Sprint boats from the K1 Sprint 55kg and beyond.   In Addition to the single boats ELIO now has the perfect transition to full racing K2's with the K2 Titan Extra Small and K2 Small



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