Elio now produces all sizes of Sonic K1 and K2.

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Paddle Shapes - What is right for you?

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Test The K1 Sonic 'small'

We have been waiting for the new Sonic Small K1 to be released and now we have it for you to try.  

-- For paddlers under 125 pounds. This is one of the very few K1's designed as a fast racing boat for the light paddlers.  Too often the light paddler suffers with a boat too large for their best paddling.  The Sonic 'S' is the answer.

-- The boat is currently located with Andrea Joy at the Banook Canoe Club. If you would like a viewing let us know at info@thepaddlehut.ca

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More than just Rotation.

More than just Rotation.

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Picking the right paddle 'FOR YOU'

Picking the right paddle 'FOR YOU'

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Elio’s new SONIC K1 is SHAKING Things Up

Elio’s new SONIC K1 is SHAKING Things Up

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