Dragon LCS 100 by Lettmann

Dragon LCS 100 by Lettmann

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For the most demanding athlete.

From the world-class German paddle manufacturer, the Lettmann Dragon LCS 100 is an extreme lightweight dragon-boat-paddle. 

Lightweight and extremely robust - based on Lettmann's four-chamber hollow construction - the production of blade and shaft are made in one heating process. Thus, there is no "weak point" at the transition between blade and shaft. The ovalized shaft is well in hand, the blade provides maximum traction, different handles provide your personal happiness.

The blade of the Dragon is manufactured of 100% Carbon Prepreg. The orbiting aramid edge ensures low abrasion and an extreme impact resistance.

Of course, the Dragon complies IDBF and is specified by 202a and so you are well prepared for the next race.

Blade Length: 47cm (18.5 inches)
Blade Width: 18cm (7.09 inches)
Shaft 3.1cm x 2.9cm (1.22 x 1.14 inches)




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