Ergonom Pro WW Extreme by Lettmann

Ergonom Pro WW Extreme by Lettmann

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With the 'Vario' joint, the paddle is variable in length and rotation. For constant use you can extend it to 6 cm for testing up to 10 cm. You do not need any tools, but is easly opened and close with your hands. When ordering a paddle please always indicate your desired paddle's shortest length!

The whitewater paddle with the best pressure build-up and handling we can offer you. The extreme version of the Ergonom Pro with our profiled blade to fully exploit all its benefits for whitewater and rodeo. Control manoeuvres even more precisely and the propulsion will immediately convince any paddler. The paddle blade builds up a hydrodynamic lift under every angle of use, giving power and control for every stroke.

The Ergonom is the daddy of all crank shaft paddles and is only available in the lettmann’s LCS 70 construction, the paddles are made of 70% carbon, 10% Kevlar and 20% fiber glass in combination with high quality epoxy resin, the result is a paddle that offers stiffness and strength like no other paddle out there. The extreme has a slightly higher Kevlar content and does weigh a bit more, perfect for normal whitewater paddling and extreme racing, the Pro is slightly lighter and the choice of many of the world’s top slalom racers. 


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