Sonic K1 Small (#18031-Magenta Logo)

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Too often you find a boat in the 50-60kg paddler range is slow and clumsy. Then comes along the Sonic Small. Fantastic performance, made specifically for the lighter paddler. The perfect boat for young paddlers looking for speed or for the smaller adults. It is simply a fantastic small racing kayak !


  • NEW (This boat may also available for lease)


  • Club: The perfect match of Quality epoxy, composites & low price.


  • Length: 520 cm
  • Width Cockpit: 39 x 96 cm
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Athlete: 50 to 60 kg
  • Kayak: 8 to 12 kg (depending on construction)

Location: Currently available for pickup in Halifax but if you need it in other parts of Canada we are happy to ship it to you. Shipping from Halifax to Vancouver or anywhere between takes 2 weeks or less. 



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