Ergonom Pro WW by Lettmann

Ergonom Pro WW by Lettmann

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With variable in length and rotation. For constant use you can extend it to 6 cm for testing up to 10 cm. You do not need any tools, but is easly opened and close with your hands. When ordering a paddle please always indicate your desired paddle's shortest length!

Whether you use the "Competition" version in slalom races or cruising with the LCS 70 on the Soca - the Ergonom Pro conjures up a permanent grin on your face. Not only the propulsion and the durability of this paddle are unmatched but has advantages when rolling. The paddle aligns itself with the surface of the water due to the upstream ergo shaft and profiled blade. For the hard white water use or for extreme races you can also fall back on the Ergonom Pro extreme.

Shaft and blade are produced in high heat, so there are no errors in the complicated glueing of blade and shaft. The foam core brings enormous flexural rigidity and also ensures an absolutely robust blade. The surrounding durable edge ensures low wear and very high impact resistance.

The profile in the blade creates a so-called hydrodynamic lift during paddle strokes, generated by the upper and lower pressure. Through this lift, in combination with the front ergonomic shaft, the paddle blade is stable in the water and can be flutter-free lead.

The pressure point in the blade is located in front of the pulling hand on the shaft. So the paddle sheet is "pulled". It aligns with the train itself and so relieves joints, muscles and tendons, as less holding power is needed. Also, the complete performance of the athlete can be put into propulsion.



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