Don't want to buy? Now you can lease.  

Part of ThePaddleHuts' mission is to make it financially easier for parents to give their children access to high quality racing boats, that are modern, the right size, lightweight and designed specifically for paddler’s proportions;  all characteristics that contribute to success and more fun!

Save Money

We know everyone is not ready for a big purchase. So we have created a leasing option where you can have a shiny new racing canoe or kayak for a full season, while budgeting less than a fancy coffee each morning.  You can lease a boat for 3-4 seasons and still pay the same cost as a new boat, each year selecting a different boat that fits the growing paddler.

Still Growing

Paddle a boat that fits, get a bigger size when you need it. Boats that are heavy, missing parts and/or don't fit right aren't fun for anyone, especially the paddler. Like shoes, the paddler needs the right fit. However, buying a new boat every year (and re-selling the old one) isn't fun for parents.

Lease Only When You Need It

Lease terms start in March for paddlers heading off to spring training camps and terminate at the end of October.  However, lease terms are offered starting each month for those who are waiting for warmer weather. When the on-water season is over, so is the lease.

Our Fleet

ThePaddleHut has a limited number of new boats available for leasing.  If you don't see the boat you need available, contact us and we may still be able to help (see below for available boats). Our boats will be based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Transportation to other provinces is the responsibility of the user. (Note: The colour of boats may not be as shown. Our fleet of new 2018 boats have been produced primarily in white.)

 * Short Term Regatta or Training Camp Terms may be possible.  
Contact us with your needs.



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