Jantex Gamma (Blades Only - add shaft seperatly)

Jantex Gamma (Blades Only - add shaft seperatly)

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Sale: This is a used set of blades and sold 'as is'.  


  • Blades are not of matching serial number but are the same shape and size.
  • Blades are in good condition with minor scratches as seen in photos.
  • Notice in images a small crack on the front surface near the tip of one blade, not present inside scoop and still feel strong.  Use as is or you can repair.

We no longer stock the Gamma but do stock the Gamma 'Rio'. We can still get you the Gamma but by request only.  Contact us at info@thepadlehut.ca


Popular down river & surf ski blade. Good catch, excelent pull-through phase and beautiful exit. Excellent in moving water, very good for flat water racing sprint and long distance.

Shafts are offered in Flexi, Ultralight, Stiff and Exta Stiff constructions. 

Blade construction

Ultra light blade

Ultra light – most asked stiffness for Flat Water, Marathon and Down river. Give fantastic weight and ideal stiffness for Professional race use. Used by all top paddlers. Blade JANTEX LOGO in WHITE COLOUR.

Stiff blade

Stiff – ONLY for heaviest and strongest Men. Give possibility to use also by loading in any directions. For paddlers who prefer stiff paddles. Blade JANTEX LOGO in YELLOW COLOUR.



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