VAAKA - Stroke Rate

VAAKA - Stroke Rate

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Vaaká sensors are used by coaches and athletes like World Champion and Olympic Medalist Mark de Jonge to extend the boundaries of performance. Boat speed is a product of stroke rate and distance per stroke. Get the information you need.

Vaaka - Mark de Jonge

Vaaka Lightweight, wireless, electronic sensors provide real-time stroke rate feedback and distance per stroke analysis to athletes and coaches for Kayaking, Canoeing, Outrigger paddling, Dragonboating, Stand up Paddle Boarding and Rowing . Vaaka cadence sensors send stroke rate data wirelessly for display on ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible GPS devices. Stroke rate data is displayed on the compatible GPS device and logged alongside the GPS data, time, speed, heart rate and distance allowing more specific feedback during training and easy access to post-training analysis of cadence and distance per stroke on our Vaaká Analytics software.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” (Deming)


Compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. 

PAIR with CrewNerd is a Paddlesports and Rowing training app built for iPhone and Android. CrewNerd is now able to use the stroke rate data collected from your Vaaka Paddle Cadence sensor to accurately track stroke rate and distance per stroke. This collaboration means there is now a dedicated Paddlesports Smartphone app fully compatible with Vaaka.


Because boat speed is a product of stroke rate and distance per stroke these are the two most important metrics to measure and manage for improved performance. Vaaka sensors allow athletes and coaches to see stroke rate data during training and the Vaaká Analytics software will automatically calculate distance per stroke for post training analysis making it possible to measure and monitor incremental improvements in performance.



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